Clayfest 2012 — Sept. 22nd & 23rd

The Potters Games

What is it? The Potter's Games are a collection of competitions for ceramic artists such as blindfolded throwing, team speed relays, fastest throwing, and largest pots, and Siamese throwing among others. Trophies, prizes and ... uh, medals (more like tiles) are awarded to competitors, plus there are t-shirts free for all competitors!

The games will be MC'd by the poet-orangutan, Jim Jackson. Jim Jackson has worked in professional theater and circus for over twenty-five years as an actor, clown, director, teacher and writer. In 2001 Jim and his wife Birgitta DePree founded the Manitou Art Theater in Manitou Springs.

There is a clay area for children, lessons on the potter's wheel and whatever else we come up with.

Click here for the description of the cometitive levels.

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All about Clayfest.

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