Clayfest 2012 — Sept. 22nd & 23rd

Amateur or Professional?


Have you ever, or could you now make a reasonable portion of your livelihood from throwing pots or teaching throwing? Have you ever been the overall point winner in the amateur category at a previous Clayfest? If your skills are at this level, you must sign up for the professional category.


Amateurs range from people who have never thrown before (You might want to take one of the quick lessons available here.), or who throw once a year at Clayfest, to those who throw more often, but not for money or at an advanced level. People who handbuild can also be classified as amateurs, since so many of the point-winning competitions involve throwing.

Great prizes are at stake, so use your most fair and honest judgement. If it is clear that a participant in the amateur competition has skills that are fitting for the professional category, they will be moved into the professional competitions forfeitting any points they may have won in amateur competitions.

So, be fair and square,
compete friendly,
do well,
get muddy,
and most of all . . .

Have fun!

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