Clayfest 2012 — Sept. 22nd & 23rd

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Hello Folks!

Yes! It's time again for the 19th annual CLAYFEST Potters' Games! . This is an outdoor celebration, friendly potters' competition, and is great family entertainment! This wonderfully successful annual event offers numerous judged clay competitions, a clay area for children, lessons on the potters wheel, audience participation, and CLAYFEST entries for all levels of clay experience!

CLAYFEST attracts local, regional, national and international visitors, creating expanded business visibility with business opportunities, both short and long term! CLAYFEST also promotes awareness of clay and pottery, as an art form, bringing all cultures and ages together!

The CLAYFEST committee is seeking business participation through donation of award merchandise, gift certificates or a contribution of money. CLAYFEST is being supported by the Business of Art Center of Manitou Springs, CO, which is a 501C3 nonprofit organization. Therefore, donations are tax deductible! In past years, companies have donated such merchandise as potters' wheels, clay tools, clay, T-shirts, gift certificates, and dinner certificates, as CLAYFEST prize awards!

We would greatly appreciate participation at any level! Please come and play with us at CLAYFEST. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mark Wong at (719) 685 - 1460.

All of our sponsors, patrons, and contributors need to be confirmed by Monday, May 15, 2008, to be included in our advertising materials.

Many thanks,

The CLAYFEST Committee

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (719) 685-1460 or email us. All of our sponsors must be confirmed by May 30, 2005 to be included in our advertising material.

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